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Management Services
Secure Money Management:

  1. Determine the maximum market value of each rental.
  2. Deposit all rental income and receipts into a separate banking account devoted solely to the owner's property. Collect and deposit laundry machine earnings.
  3. Owner receives a monthly statement of all expenses, charges, and receipts by the 15th of each month.
  4. Owner receives an annual year end statement.
  5. Precise record keeping including tenant receipts, mortgage and tax records, city registry and inspection papers, and more.
  6. Owners work directly with RPM principals. (Company Principals)

Rental Management Services:

  1. Advertising rentals
    Unit information and pictures posted on our web site.
    See Current Rentals.
    Ads posted on several other rental web sites.
    Newspaper advertisements (LA Times, etc.), if necessary.
    Sign in property yard.
    RPM's leasing agents available to show property on
    weekends, evenings, and business hours.

  2. Renting to Tenants
    No down time between tenants.
    Thorough screening process, credit checks, and
    interviews designed to locate qualified tenants.
    Prepare, sign, renew, and / or cancel leases.
    Inspect, document, and record condition of property
    before tenant takes possession and after tenant leaves.
    Collect rents and provide receipts to tenants
    Enforce annual rent increases.
    Conduct final walk-though with the tenants (legally
    required for deposit deductions).

  3. Property Maintenance
    Wholesale prices for vendors. No mark-ups.
    RPM employees available to tenants 24 hours
    a day, 7 days a week for repair requests.
    Hire, discharge, and supervise all labor and contractors
    needed for property operation and maintenance. Purchase
    all necessary supplies, and pay all related bills.
    Create contracts for electricity, gas, water, telephone,
    rubbish hauling, and other operating services.
    Decorate property, if desired.

  4. Protection of Owner's Property Assets
    Tenants billed for repairs they were responsible for.
    Sue to recover owner's possessions, premises, rents,
    or other sums due.
    Settle, compromise, and release suits or reinstate
    tenancies, when appropriate.
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